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A Classical Hatha Yoga Initiative

In Sanskrit language, "Ajata" means unborn or that without a beginning and "Yoga" means union. That which is unborn, also does not have an end. It can be said, that this is the essential quality of the Source of our creation.


The whole purpose of Ajata Yoga has been to bring health and well-being into individual lives along with aiding people to experience a certain level of union with that which we call as the Source of creation. In this direction, Ajata Yoga offers unique Hatha Yoga Programs which are derived from the ancient Yogic processes. The practices are a part of the Isha System of Yoga and are designed by Sadhguru carefully in such a way that everyone from children to senior citizens and from sport enthusiasts to corporates can reap benefits, benefits which have become must-haves in today's fast paced world. After participating in our programs, you become well equipped to practice yoga as per your schedule on a daily basis on your own.  

In order to transmit this sacred science of Yoga, our teachers have gone through the Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at the Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore, India and thereby trained to teach the same in its authentic and most classical form. Through this offering of Yoga, we seek to realize a world full of Health, Joy and Fulfillment.

With lots of Love and Wishes,

Ajata Yoga

Our Team

Neha Birje

Hatha Yoga Teacher
Neha 1.jpeg

Neha has a master's degree in Product Design and Manufacturing. She completed her Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in 2021 at the Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore, India. 

With her involvement in various sports such as Volley Ball and Hockey in her early days, fitness came naturally to her. But like many other people, a sense of energy drain as the day passes by and feeling tired by the evening was a living experience for her as well. This changed for her, when she participated in her first program offered by Isha Yoga. Now being a regular practitioner of Yoga, her way of describing health is more than whether you can conduct your day-to-day life well and is about how energetic you feel and how efficiently you manage your body and mind. 


Now being a Hatha Yoga Teacher, she is not just motivated to continue and take her enriching experience a notch higher but also is looking forward to offer this transformative process of Isha Hatha Yoga to you and to people around the world. Through this initiative, she eagerly awaits to see people full of joy, energy and health.


Rohit Zende

Hatha Yoga Teacher

An alumnus of the RWTH Aachen University, Rohit is a Master of Science in Production Systems Engineering. He is a successful engineer and has been involved in the automotive sector since over seven years. 

He was introduced to Yoga at a young age of 10 when he used go for his Karate classes. Only over a period of time, he realized that the practices which learnt were Yogic in nature. This not only kept him in good health but also paved the way to dig deeper into his own self. Gradually, he explored diverse forms of meditation in a quest to understand what is life all about and also experience it at the maximum.

He finally came across Sadhguru, a realized Yogi and Mystic, through whom he got initiated into several Yogic processes which only left him in a higher state of experience. This changed the way he looked at life and also brought a sense of willingness to share his experience. This motivated him to take up the intense Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program offered by the Isha Hatha School of Yoga in Coimbatore, India. After a successful completion of this program, he now stands as an offering to all those who seek to work on their health and grow in terms of life.

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