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Ajata Yoga

A Classical Hatha Yoga Initiative

Welcome to Ajata Yoga


In Sanskrit language, "Ajata" means unborn or that without a beginning and "Yoga" means union. That which has no beginning, also does not have an end. It can be said, that this is the essential quality of the Source of our creation.

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Meet Sadhguru

A man whose enthusiasm spills into all that he experiences. Named one of India's 50 most persuasive individuals, Sadhguru's work has contacted the existences of millions worldwide through his groundbreaking projects. Sadhguru has a one of a kind capacity to make the antiquated yogic sciences pertinent to contemporary personalities, going about as an extension to the more profound components of life. His methodology doesn't credit to any conviction framework, however offers strategies for self-change that are both demonstrated and strong.

- Photo Credits: Isha School of Hatha Yoga

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